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Jack Searls

Jack graduated college in 2003 with a degree in education and found a home with American Animal Control in 2006 after he decided that the public school system was not where he wanted to be. Jack was the 3rd tech at the time and stayed in the field until 2020 when he transitioned to focusing his effort with AAC Distributing. Now Jack has gone back to his roots in education. He has traveled the country offering in depth training on a vast array of subjects related to the wildlife control industry. His efforts have helped our customers grow their businesses through deeper product understanding, leadership training, sales training, and more. His presentations have been attended by thousands, including everyone from field technicians to the CEOs of some of the largest companies in the pest and wildlife industries.
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Mar Zano

Mar is a former fighter and now professional MMA & kickboxing coach, local business owner, and full time SEO. He has been involved in SEO since 2009 and specializes in franchise SEO and local lead generation strategies, generating several million dollars in revenue annually for garage door repair and pest control companies. As an avid tester, he is continually testing unconventional strategies to find untapped methods and quick wins.
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Jaclyn Ricci

Jaclyn Ricci is the founder and owner of LadyBug Pest and Wildlife Control, a highly successful nuisance wildlife removal company launched in 2018. Jaclyn started LadyBug to provide financial stability for her family, recognizing the need for extra income. Based in Lebanon, Indiana, LadyBug has rapidly grown under Jaclyn's leadership, largely due to her exceptional communication skills and expertise in leveraging social media to expand her business. Jaclyn’s favorite part about her career is working with her husband Johnny and son Jadin. She is dedicated to fostering the next generation in the wildlife and pest industry and expanding educational opportunities. Outside of work Jaclyn is a devoted dog mom to two black labs named Duck and Gator. In her free time, she enjoys off-roading on her side-by-sides with her family and friends.
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Seth Garber

Seth Garber, founder and CEO of the premier e-learning platform Pest Daily, has established himself as one of the top minds in the pest and wildlife control space. Over the last decade, he’s guided hundreds of owner/operators on their path to successfully scaling their organizations and his consulting firm is now known as the top agency serving the industry today. Since the launch and subsequent sale of his own multimillion-dollar pest control business in 2012, Garber has developed an unparalleled knowledge of the industry and its many nuances. His unique perspective and expertise coupled with his passion for helping others “expand in all ways, always” has made him a popular keynote speaker at pest and wildlife conferences across the country. Additionally, he frequently shares his insights on topics including sales and marketing, finance, human resources and organizational and operations management in industry publications with the goal of advancing education for pest and wildlife control professionals. And because of Garber’s unwavering commitment to the industry and the men and women who are part of it, he’s been recognized with numerous awards for sales, customer service and leadership. Garber's companies, which also includes FRAXN, a specialty pest and wildlife control accounting firm he co-founded in 2022, currently support more than 1,300 pest and wildlife control businesses across North America. With an eye on future growth for Pest Daily and his other business ventures, Garber is eager to continue playing a pivotal role in the pest and wildlife control industries for many years to come.
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Ryan J. Ridgley

Ryan Ridgley is an almost 20 year veteran of the home services industry and the founder of Huntsman Wildlife in Cincinnati Ohio. Huntsman Wildlife is a nuisance wildlife company with a strong social media presence across multiple platforms. From its inception in October of 2019, Ryan has used a tactic he calls “Small Town CEO Marketing” in which he has created goodwill, brand awareness, a tribe of loyal followers, and grown his business consistently. Ryan enjoys sharing his experiences and proven tactics to help other independent operators use free online communities to educate, inform, and entertain.
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Phil Rinehart

Phil Rinehart is an attorney at law and specializes in complex business transactions, with a specialty in pest control and pest control related legal matters, including contracts, entity formation, employment law, compliance, litigation, regulatory issues, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions.

In addition to his busy law practice, Mr. Rinehart has 24 years direct experience in the pest control industry, including founding, and owning and operating two successful, multi-million dollar pest control companies, that were both later acquired by Terminix/Service Master.
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Jody Hoffer

Jody Hoffer is a First Sergeant in the US Army with five overseas tours under his belt. Alongside his wife Stephanie, he owns and operates Precision Pest and Wildlife Removal, a company he founded in 2016. From its humble beginnings, the company has flourished under Jody's leadership, now boasting a team of seven and recently acquiring a dedicated building for operations. In 2022, Jody expanded the company's services by adding a pest division, further driving its growth and success. Jody's journey exemplifies resilience, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring others to overcome challenges and achieve greatness.
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Mike Hurley

Mike got his start in the wildlife control industry in 1993 when he took on a beaver trapping job for a local lumber company. Since then, Mike has witnessed the evolution of the industry to where it is today. Along the way, Mike has taken his humble beginnings and grown Xceptional Wildlife into a twenty million dollar a year company. At the heart of Mike’s success lies his unwavering commitment to implementing systems for business growth. Drawing upon his deep knowledge of Six Sigma and quality systems, Mike has grown the company through maintaining highly effective processes. This has led Xceptional Wildlife to being a well-known name along the East Coast where they have excelled at everything from residential services to large scale commercial jobs. Mike knows the pitfalls of inefficiencies and how to avoid many of the mistakes because he’s had to overcome them in his journey. Over the last 30 years, Mike has focused on his company from the driver’s seat and is now ready to start sharing what he has done right, and wrong, along his path in hopes that he can help others achieve their goals.