Kritter Cap® PRO Kit (10 Pack)

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The Kritter Cap Pro kit comes with everything you need to successfully keep critters from entering on a vinyl outside corner. These caps are molded with glass to help prevent any chewing. The removable tabs allow a critter cap to fit most vinyl corners with little effort. Each kit contains 10 or 100 Kritter Caps, an inspection mirror, a flashlight, and a set of small cutters to help trim the pieces to make the cap fit properly. Each kit also comes with installation instructions.

Each Kit  Includes

• 10 Kritter Cap® PROs
• Inspection Mirror
• Flashlight
• Snips

Need More?  Order Box of 100

There are roughly 36 million vinyl-sided homes in the US; most have four outside corner posts.

Mice, rats, chipmunks, bats, and even snakes will go up these outside corner posts, enter the soffit, and into the attic. The **NEW & IMPROVED** KritterCap® PRO is made of heavy duty ABS with glass to detour chewing. Easy Install, Easy Up-sell. INCREASE YOUR PROFITS IN MINUTES!


Stop stuffing mesh, steel wool, foam, and caulk up the corners. Give your customers the professional exclusion product made for the job. KritterCap® PRO

KritterCap® is a registered trademark of Stouffer Technologies, Inc.

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