The KritterCap Pro® is a a universal corner insert that can be used on most 2 ¾” , 3”, 3 ½” and 4” corner posts for vinyl sided homes.  The KritterCap® is used to prevent entry of small rodents and stinging insects.

Kit Includes:

10 KritterCap PROs

1 inspection mirror

1 flashlight

1 set of snips


It is always recommended before installing KritterCap Pro® inserts, that mice/rodents be removed and insect nests be free of insects.  Shine the flashlight into the mirror and look up the corner post to inspect for insect nests prior to installing the product (Pic #1)

The next step is measuring the corner posts.  The KritterCap Pro® is ready to use for a 4” corner post.  See the color coded a photo for the other three sizes.  Just snip the legs and base sections to the size of  your corner post.  (Pic #2, #3 & #4)

Once the KritterCap Pro® is cut to size, push it into the corner post.  It is designed to fit tight, so start with one side at a time to “flex” the vinyl until both posts are in place.  If a cap is a bit loose, use a couple dabs of adhesive sealer on the insert before pushing it back into place. (Pic #5)

Signs of small rodent or insect entry into corner posts:

  1. (Pic #6)  Look for signs of chewed insulation
  2. (Pic #7) Look for signs of chewed subsiding
  3. (Pic #8) Look for critter “smudges”, animal hair/fur, or other signs.
  4. (Pic #9) Stay alert for stinging insects

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