AAC Distributing was founded in December of 2016 by the Siri family as a distribution company specializing in American made products for the Wildlife Control Industry.

The Siri family owned and operated American Animal Control, a service company for humane removal and exclusion of nuisance animals, for many years. Out of necessity to solve a wildlife entry problem on most homes, Tony Siri fabricated a product to keep animals, bats, birds, and insects out the roof ridge vents without obstructing proper airflow.

Using this product would now eliminate the need to tear off and replace the compromised ridge vent and ridge cap. This product, now known as RIDGE-GUARD®, soon became the “game changer” that revolutionized the Wildlife Control Industry.

In 2017 RIDGE-GUARD® was voted Innovation of the year by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Early 2020, RIDGE-GUARD® was granted a utility patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Since then, the Siri family, along with an incredible staff of highly qualified team members, have developed other products lines such as XclusionPro® and ProlineTraps®.

The team at AAC Distributing is constantly researching and developing new and innovative products that will solve homeowners’ structural problems as well as provide unsurpassed quality that will benefit other industries.

The AAC Distributing Team ~ 2021